Hey there! My name is Linda Kirova. I was born in Bulgaria, but I grew up in four different countries throughout three different continents; Georgia (the country), Serbia, and America. Not only do I have a global understanding of a lot of assets, but I have always had a curious mind. I moved away from Bulgaria when I was 7, and that's when my passion for exploration was born.

       I was always that kid asking questions about everything around me. I know the names of rocks and stars and planets that you've probably never heard of. I've tried over 10 different sports, simply for the thrill of doing something new. I learned to speak 5 different languages for my own enjoyment. I can tell you all there is to know about farms and agriculture. I have studied art, photography, film, television, and radio. I've worked at a bar, in an art studio, and at a music venue. I was in art school for a few months but decided it wasn't the thing for me.

      However, I always felt like all of this was just random facts and experiences that I was never going to use again. That all changed when I went into advertising. Suddenly, all of the fun little facts I had learned over the years had found a purpose. Advertising allowed me to put things together that are totally unrelated to make something beautiful. 

       Although on paper I am a creative and strategic advertiser, I am a creator at heart and I find joy in making things from scratch. So yes, I can manage accounts, write copy and art direct campaigns but what I'm most passionate about is designing experiences for people just like me, and essentially exploring solutions to latent human needs. That is what makes me an XD.