The craft beer industry in Virginia has been booming, especially in the last decade. As a newly founded microbrewery, Bald Top Brewing Company, located in Madison VA, has a lot of potential, but also competition. They asked for help with revamping their logo, website, and overall design. My team and I decided to take it to the next level and create a full-blown campaign, including redesigning their logo, packaging, website, and generating a campaign to advertise the brand with the ultimate goal of increasing brand awareness and brewery visits. 



The original logo had elements that we knew we wanted to keep with the redesign, however we wanted to simplify it and make it fit the brand tonality better. We kept the mountains, as the location is one of the most essential components to the brewery, and added a rugged texture to contribute to the authentic mountainous feel the brewery has. We also simplified the font, and some of the imagery for a polished look, while still sticking to the original colors.

Bald Top Logo Redesign.png



When you go to a brewery, the only way you can bring beer back home with you is in a growler or in cans. When we took a field trip out to the brewery, we noticed that Bald Top only offered growlers and 32 ounce cans. This is when we knew their "off-site packaging" needed some revamping. We created new packaging for their beers, more indicative of the story behind the names. It adds to the personality of the brand, and also helps people get to know them better.

Bald Top Package Redesign.png



One of the most important and determining factors of whether somebody gets a certain beer at the bar is if its on tap. If you can see the tap of a beer you like at the bar, chances are you will know what you are getting from far away. That is why we thought it is important for a brewery to have custom taps and created a real tap the brewery can mount to any of their kegs.




Although Bald Top did a decent job at keeping up with some of their social media, we thought they could reach new levels with a more consistent engagement plan with their audience. We set guidelines for some of their hashtags, and post content in order to get the most engagement with people in a tone that matches the personality of the brand. We also thought it was important to extend to local businesses and build brand loyalty, especially within a 50-mile radius. So we created a print campaign to get the word out to those who may not use cellphones and social media as much. They are in the mountains after all!

Bald Top Social Media.png
Bald Top Poster.png


Although the original design of the website did match the tone of the brewery, it was very hard to navigate and comprehend the sequence of some of the assets. We created a high fidelity website, which still kept some of the "authentic" barn feel to it, but made it a lot more user friendly by improving the accessibility. We also added certain images, stories, and descriptions to help the audience visualize the experience of having good craft beer in the beautiful Shenandoah hills without even going.

For the full website click here.


Experience Designer: Linda Kirova

Art Director: Ben Gross

Copywriter: Danielle Ciccolo

Strategist: Julian Grimes

Creative Brand Manager: Lou Guy

Creative Brand Manager: Alyn Carr