FRESHY by 365

For this project, my group and I worked on developing a partnership between a new technology, with an existing brand. We chose to partner Osram semiconductors (a technology that can detect the molecular makeup of food, liquids, and even air) with 365 by Whole Foods. We wanted to get rid of the confusion that comes with food expiration dates, so created an application called Freshy by 365, with two use cases for the technology-in home and in-store. I specifically focused on the in-home use with the prototype I created for an application called "freshy by 365," where people can scan any food (raw, or cooked) and determine the quality of the food, as well as help keep track of their nutritional values throughout the day. More details on the process coming soon.

Click here to play around with the full prototype.



Experience Designer: Linda Kirova (designed this prototype)

Experience Designer: Matthew Yakob

Strategist: Nanda Golden

Strategist: Hadley Mathews