Elegant, bold, and sophisticated. That is the look I was going for with one of the displays I created for Project Holiday, a Richmond collaboration between the Westhampton Merchants Association and the Experience Design students at the VCU Brandcenter. I was assigned Carreras Jewelers-a jewelry store which happened to be celebrating their 50th anniversary this past December. A 50 year anniversary is known as a “golden” anniversary, which is why I want to go for a bold look with lots of gold, bright colors and lights, while keeping it stylish and elegant. I incorporated pearls and diamonds into the design to bring the concept full circle. Although nontraditional for a "window" display, I saw working with an outdoor awning space as an opportunity to go bigger, and bolder when it came to installations of lights and decorations. Their tagline is “Capture the moment,” and the Holidays are definitely moments worth being captured.

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