Using the program Cinema-4D, I have worked on several brands to design objects and spaces beneficiary to the the brand. Other work I simply made for fun.


I was tasked with creating a custom milk bottle for the Wonderful Company’s Almond Milk. Using some of the techniques mentioned in the previous design, I was able to create textures, set up the scene and lighting, and design a custom label. However, to make the bottle itself I used rectangular shapes and subtracted from them until I got the perfect shape. I created a transparent label on photoshop and adjusted it so it fits around the glass bottle nicely, giving the illusion that the design is on the bottle itself.

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The first design I ever pursued on Cinema-4D was a wine bottle with two cups. Using splines, and mirroring them I was able to achieve the results I wanted. For getting a “semi-professional” looking render, I adjusted the lights, camera placement, and space surrounding the objects. I created the materials (glass, paper, cork, and the liquid wine itself) and applied them to the objects. For a finishing touch, I designed a custom label on Photoshop saying, “Premium Vino del Linda” and wrapped it around the bottle.

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Wine Scene, created using Cinema-4D

A milk bottle custom made for almond milk by the Wonderful Company, created using Cinema-4D.


Dinty Moore is a brand of canned beef stew which needed a little revamp. This is one of the animations I created as a part of the project to depict how having a comic on the inside of the custom made wrapper would look. Each comic is different, and is geared towards millenials. For the full project click here.


For this project, I learned how to animate objects. I animated a mask I made on Cinema-4D using movement sensors previously placed on the face of the person in the video. The end result makes it seem as if the mask is moving with the motion of the face. This type of skill could be applied to enhance many different types of graphic effects.

An animation of a classmate “wearing” a Spiderman mask, created using Cinema-4D

An animation of a classmate “wearing” a Spiderman mask, created using Cinema-4D

A Dinty Moore animation of a can label unraveling, created using Cinema-4D

A Dinty Moore animation of a can label unraveling, created using Cinema-4D


From actions to save the planet, to the gear that they sell, Patagonia makes a clear point of promoting nature and spending time in it. They sell all sorts of clothing and gear for outdoor activities such as climbing, skiing/snowboarding, surfing, biking, and much more. However, they make everything but the the equipment that goes with the sport. For example, you will not see a Patagonia snowboard, skis, or a surf. While in reality, it is very much in their capability to produce these items and their revenue could increase tremendously if they were to start doing so.

I was tasked to create an innovative new product that Patagonia could produce. That is where the Canoe Cruiser came in-Patagonia praises outdoor sports, but not the break moments in between them. So I created a canoe that let’s you enjoy the full experience. It features a cooler installment in between the two seats- its’ top opens into a retractable table that you can use to dine or place drinks on. It is also made from Patagonia’s DWR material, which prevents the ice from melting, as well as keeps water from splashes from entering. The front seat of the canoe is also mountable, so that you can turn it to face the other way and enjoy a picnic-like experience with a friend, all while floating on water, enjoying yourself.


Victoria’s Secret has always been all about “sexy”, But the problem is that the definition of “sexy” has changed over the years. I was tasked with creating several extensions to help elevate the stigma of what “sexy” should be, making it a more personal experience. We wanted people to know that there isn’t just one “sexy” and with Victoria’s secret, they can make sexy their own. Some of the extensions include a completely new layout for their stores, a Victoria’s Secret limited edition bridesmaid treasure chest, and a limo for a Victoria’s Secret fashion show tour.

The layout is based by colors- there is 4 colors, and each one of them represents a different kind of sexy. For example green means “sexy is smart”, and red means “sexy is fun”. Not only does this make it easier to navigate through the store, but also brings the store down to Earth by eliminating the hot pink, shiny, “glamorous” feel, which through research we found out made a lot of women uncomfortable. I also added tablets to the store, where you can pick out what you want to try on and somebody will bring it to you. Shopping for intimate lingerie can be uncomfortable when asking for help, so this feature eliminates the anxiety that comes with. The treasure chest is a limited edition feature where brides can order a whole set for everybody that is a part of their bachelorette trip. The limo is for the tour that we created, where the Victoria’s Secret models travel to different cities and can interact with the public. We wanted everybody to be able to feel like they are able to be a part of the brand.